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About Casa de CanteraLimestone - Marbel - Travertine

Casa de Cantera is recognized throughout the valley as one of the leading suppliers of fine stone products. We have highly skilled craftsmen, as well as access to premium quality stone in a variety of colors and styles. Our company offers shipping and service throughout the United States. We are always available to answer any questions or provide estimates and ideas for your projects.

Casa de Cantera also provides special services to architects, home builders, landscapers and interior designers. Upon special request, Casa de Cantera can design and manufacture any type of architectural spec whether it is a commercial fountain or an intricate, interior fixture or a designer accent piece.

Keep in mind that due to the unique composition of Cantera and Travertine, these stones can easily be carved and shaped into fountains, pavers, planters, columns, table bases, door surrounds, benches, fireplaces, moldings and other decorative pieces.

Cantera and travertine are well known for their durability, quality and uniqueness. They can be found in a wider variety of colors than most man made or concrete products thus, instantly bringing elegance and luxury to any area of your home. Please feel free to look through our picture gallery and to call us at any time for a free design consultation.

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